Living a Pirate's Life

The Buccaneer - screenplay by Jeff MacKay

The Buccaneer is an Action Adventure. 

A Scottish Nobleman fighting for the British in the French and Indian War losses everything when he is accused of Murder and Treason. Escaping the Hangman's noose he takes to Piracy on the high Seas to hunt down the man responsible.

This is a period film of epic scale. This movie is Last of the Mohicans meets Pirates of the Caribbean. 

It is the story of Captain James Roy, a Scottish nobleman serving in the British Army as one of Roger’s Rangers, fighting on the American frontier in 1756, during the French and Indian War. His life is complicated by his marriage to Wasoona, a young Huron woman. The love between the couple is strong enough to withstand their cultural differences and the War.

James has also inherited a map that leads to a Cache of treasure, once hidden by his Privateer grandfather. Indeed, James Roy is a lucky man.

That changes when he is accused of murder and treason. James Roy is a man who loses everything. 

While being transported back to England to be hanged, the prison ship is captured by Pirates. James Roy finds a new life on the high seas and a chance for revenge by joining them. He plays the two sides of a divided and mutinous crew against each other. Seizing control of the ship he heads to the waters of the Caribbean to hunt down the man responsible for his downfall, He will have his vengence.

Captain Roy and his Pirates attack ship after ship of the East India Co. Freeing slaves and confiscating trade goods they create a stranglehold on the Shipping Commerce to and from Jamaica. To the Authorities he is a Pirate, to the people of Jamaica he is known simply as The Buccaneer. A manhunt insues as Lord Ashby, the Governor of Jamaica and his murderous Hessian Mercenaries will stop at nothing to bring The Buccaneer to justice. James Roy finds redemption and a second chance at love, in the arms of Lady Kate, Lord Ashby’s abused and neglected wife. 

From battles in the eastern woodlands of America, and ship to ship battles on the high seas, to the plantations and jungles of the Caribbean, This is an action packed swashbuckling tale.

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