Living a Pirate's Life

Rebecca, Ohio's Professional Mermaid

Rebecca MacKay has always been a pirate at heart but has certainly gotten her toes wet as a mermaid enthusiast. “It was the “Tail Man,” Thom Shouse who introduced me to the magic and splendor of wearing a tail,” Rebecca recalls. Rebecca was the feature model at the Rogues Fantasy Fair in Rogue River Oregon and had the privilege of wearing a beautiful golden tail made by the famous “Tail Man,” the very tail that was featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno two nights before. Rebecca was amazed by the response of the patrons who swarm to her side to marvel and the mystical wonder - a pirate with mermaid tail. “People are truly captivated by the magic of a mertail,” Rebecca says.

Seeing this as a fantastic opportunity to entertain and educate Rebecca and her supportive husband took the plunge and together they began designing Rebecca a mertail. Rebecca loved being a mermaid on land but wanted to take to the water. “I really wanted something I could swim in,” states Rebecca, “that is what brings it to life and makes it real”.

A natural progression being that Rebecca has spent most of her life in or near a pool or ocean and most of her young adult life was spent as a lifeguard, aquatic manager and certified swim instructor. Being a competitive gymnast and dancer it seemed fitting for Rebecca to take to her new aquatic environment with beauty, ease and grace.

It was not long after her first tail was made Rebecca was constructing another and yet another, Rebecca laughs, “Tails are like shoes, you can’t have just one!” 

"My real passion is free diving in natural setting and exploring the underwater world. I feel completely connected to nature and at peace when I'm swimming in my tail." 

Rebecca was the 2012 face of MERMAID MINERALS, a fresh cosmetic company that focuses on natural, organic skin care and mineral makeup perfect for mermaids, along with many other print,f ilm and other work as a Mermaid Model and performer. She is also very excited to write a column called "Mermaids in the Wild," in the fabulous online Pirate Magazine "Mutiny" where she interviews the most alluring & interesting mermaids in the water today.

Rebecca is also the original co-founder of the Northwest Mermaid Pod. The largest mermaid pod in the Northwest with over 50 active mermaid members. In addition to being the co-founder of the Rogue Mermaid Pod, professional mermaids for hire.

Rebecca has a huge collection of swimmable tails. All but one of her tails has been completely designed and made by her. Her collection consist of neoprene, sequins, licra/spandex and now silicon.  

Since moving to Ohio in the winter of 2015 Rebecca has become the Midwest's "Quarry Mermaid" and Ohio's Professional Mermaid . She is enjoying getting her fins wet in the many beautiful Quarry's in the Ohio area and seems to be the first quarry mermaid to surface. She is very excited to continue to explore these aquatic hidden treasures. She and her family have also spent a great deal of time in Florida in the springs and ocean swimming playfully with manatees and dolphins and enjoying the underwater world. 

In addition to performing and free diving as Mermaid Rebecca has become Ohio's Professional Underwater Mermaid and has spend a great deal of time traveling around the state and posing underwater for photo workshops, photography clinics and promotional events. 

MerKid Wilde

Wilde has followed his MerMom to deeper water and he too is getting his toes wet as a MerKid in a swimmable tail. Wilde having been around the water and the Mermaid community most of his life he is a natural and loves swimming in his tail. He has several lycra tails, all made by his mother, but prefers his shark tail. 

Wilde's skills in the water as a MerKid continue to grow and he hopes to continue to explore the depths of mermaiding and someday have his own silicon tail. 

Wilde can be found at events, festivals, pools and ponds swimming along side his Mom.

Mermaids in Action 

Ohio's Original Quarry Mermaid

Underwater Modeling

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