Living a Pirate's Life

Design: Props, Sets, Interiors, Costumes

The couple has extensive experience in the authenticity of props, wardrobe, sets and design. The MacKays have an acute knowledge of the late 1600’s – 1900’s. 

In addition, they are seasoned entertainers and reenactors. Together they have produced multiple high caliber events, including: exhibits, festivals, gatherings, charity events, performances, dance productions, videos and other. 

Examples of their grand exploits being: Large Pirate Encampments for both entertainment and education such as one at Roloff Farms, from TLC’s hit show Little People, Big World; Co-Producing Petaluma’s “Legends and Lore Pirate Museum & Historical Exhibit”; In addition the MacKay’s have provided props and costumes to: Major Motion Pictures, Television (Disney), Stage, and Museums (The Smithsonian & Colonial Williamsburg) . 

The MacKay's also spent almost two years as part of Evermore Creative Team in designing a 45 acre theatrical Adventure Park set in the Victorian Era. The Park is located in Pleasent Grove, UT. Evermore Park’s event schedule consists of Ripper’s Cove, a Fall and Halloween season event; Christmas Cove for the Holiday and Winter season; and a series of week long events, weekend celebrations, festivals and weekly activities all Summer long. The MacKays feel blessed to have had this great creative opportunity and are very excited for it's success.  

The MacKay’s are accomplished artists, artisans and entertainers and bring many talents to the Design world.

Jeff - Props and Set Design

Jeff is a Master Milliner (Hatter), Leatherworker, Designer and Prop Builder. With a Master of Arts Degree, Jeff has a broad knowledge of history and a critical eye for authenticity and period correct details. 

Since 2003, Jeff has been making hats, leatherwork, and props for films such as Disney's “Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”,  Independent Films "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake" and "Blood", television Disney Jr's “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”, Jay Leno, Oprah, Mark Burnett, theatrical productions such as “Pirates of Penzance” and most recently Broadway's "Finding Neverland", Rock Bands “Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers” and “Captain Bogg”, theme parks “Disneyland”, “Disney World”, and "Disney Resort Shanghai," museums “The Smithsonian” and “Colonial Williamsburg”, and living history groups around the world. 

As Writer, Screenwriter, Actor, Character Model and Reenactor, Jeff has been educating and entertaining people for the past decade. 

Jeff was the Director of Props and Set Design for Evermore Park 2012-21014, creating several major themed park attractions, designed and built props for several high end events and created two park models. His favorite time periods are the Middle Ages through the Victorian Era, and are a perfect fit for the Evermore theme.

Design Portfolio 

Rebecca - Costume Design, Interiors and Set Design

Rebecca MacKay is a versed entertainer: model, dancer, aquatic performer, published author, illustrator and artisan. Rebecca is an innovative designer who is comfortable in a variety of styles and performance spaces. 

She has produced and designed multiple high caliber events such as: Large Pirate Encampments for both entertainment and education such as one at Roloff Farms, from TLC’s hit show Little People, Big World; Co-Producing Petaluma’s “Legends and Lore Pirate Museum & Historical Exhibit. She has been designing costumes for theatrical productions, corporate events, festivals and performances across the Great Northwest for the last ten years. 

Her design strength is emphasis on history and attention to authentic detail, choice of fabric, use of color and opulent embellishment. Rebecca has created everything from 1600’s rugged pirate to elegant 1800’s Victorian gowns.

Rebecca has been designing and creating costumes her whole life. Halloween was always an all out event in her house and being a entertainer: dancer and gymnast from her youth to adulthood making fun, entertaining costumes has been a natural product of doing what she loves. Her attention to authentic costuming came about when The MacKay Pirate Family became pirate reenactors and that lead to exploring other time periods and themes. She started creating costumes for their group "The Rogue Pirates and Mermaids" weekly for weekend: festivals, photo shoots, parties, events and the like. 

In 2013 she signed on with Evermore Adventure Park as Evermore's Director of Wardrobe, and Interior Design. She was the lead of the attraction design team that created several seasonal themed attraction within the park. In addition to contributing to the design, story and creation of the park as a whole. She helped with set design and decorating on several high end events and made over eighty period costumes for multiple production along with special effects costuming. 

Design Portfolio 


Sets & Interiors 

Evermore Adventure Park

 Evermore will be a forty-five acre “adventure park” set in a magical Victorian atmosphere. Evermore’s event schedule will consist of an autumn fest event called “Ripper’s Cove”, a winter fest  titled “An Evermore Christmas”, and a summer fest called “Carnival of Wonders.

Evermore will be built in Pleasant Grove, an aesthetic and quickly growing city, located in central Utah just 25 minutes south of Salt Lake City . The park will be open year round, with over half a dozen retail locations, including three quality restaurants. Evermore will feature a three acre cove and a performance stage within the beautiful town square (which will facilitate performances on a daily basis). The park will also be enveloped with elaborate gardens, as well as six large attraction spaces staffed by a cast of professional performers.

The atmosphere at Evermore will create a fun and exciting experience throughout the year. As guests explore the park they will witness a Victorian fantasy world with astounding cuisine, entertainment and attractions.

Note:  The Park has been put on hold will the funds to finish the park are being raised. 


You can contact the MacKay's below to hire them as a team or individually for props, set, costume and design work:




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