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How To Make A Mermaid Tale Add Video

For those of you who are just joining us and are in the process of designing your tails and I wanted to give you a few tips!! The Fin: First of all you only need a mono fin if you are planning on swimming in your tail. If you are you can get your mono fins from any on like store, just google Finish Wave Monofin, you can also purchase them from Thome Shouse the Tail Man. These can easily be cut into shape with a saw and sanded to make the edge smooth and thats it!! If you are not going to be swimming in your tail, but are going to be getting it wet you can use a plastic trash can lid (or any plastic material), cut with saw and sand down edge and if you do not plan on getting it wet you can use cardboard or another material that is stiff and able to be cut into shape. The Tail: The most important part of tail creation is the material!! We shop at Fabric Depot in Portland, however all the fabric stores have useable material. You must get SWIM MATERIAL!! It has to be stretchy!! and the stretch of the material should go horizontal with the width of your waist. It is extremely easy to make the tail, if you can sew up a pillow case you can make a tail. Creating the pattern: We lay on the floor on top of paper and trace our waist down to our ankles and then if you have a mono fin you can trace the shape of your mono fin (cut into a mermaid fin shape) or if you are using cardboard/plastic trace the pattern on to the paper from your ankles on. Then use this pattern to cut out the material in your shape + fin shape. With right sides together sew around the material leaving a opening for you waist, remember the stretch of the material is going with the width of your waist. Then if you want you can add elastic to the top or simply turn down and stitch. Putting the fin in the tail: Because the material is stretchy you can fold the fin/plastic in half and squeeze it down into the fabric and then position it in the bottom. Putting it on: Roll down to ankles, slide feet in and roll up, much like putting on stockings .

Posted by Rebecca MacKay on November 1, 2012 at 1:42 PM 2251 Views

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