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Meet the MacKays

The MacKays are 18th Century Pirates living in modern times. Pirate reenactors, who educate the public about the Golden Age of Piracy by living a pirate lifestyle and representing that at pirate gatherings in exotic locations around the world. Although they are living historians, the MacKays are also multi faceted artists, artisans, and performers who are always creating new adventures. Their exploits are entertaining and often the stuff of fantasy and legends. This dynamic Pirate Family is comprised of a Captain, his First Mate and their Cabin Boy. Lets meet each in turn…

Jeff MacKay

A notorious pirate, even amongst the most prominent pirates in the community, Jeff MacKay truly lives the life of a Pirate in modern times. He is a dashing swashbuckler, his charming personality and dapper smile gives all who meet him a feeling of comfort and familiarity. It’s not until you get to looking about his person, that you notice he is never without an array of weapons: his Ranger ax and long Knife, cutlass, and flintlock pistols, you soon realize this is not for show. Jeff lives a pirate’s life. 

In 2009 the pirate community elected Jeff as one of the Devil’s Dozen Pirates and he was inducted into the Order of Leviathan. A benevolent organization within the Pirate Community, where he served as the Grand Leviathan 2010-2014. It was Jeff’s great honor to hold such a prestigious title amongst his own and it is his great hope that he and his brethren do works of good for the pirate community, as well as the world at large. In 2014 He became a Master Leviathan who advises the current administration. In 2015 Captain MacKay was awarded Mutiny Magazine's Pirate of the Year Award for his contributions to the Pirate Community.

Jeff enjoys the life of a freebooter often appearing at Pirate Festivals performing along side black powder crews such as B.O.O.M. and PDXYar, adding his pistols, blunderbuss, and swivel cannon to the cacophony of fire & smoke. When not in the firing line, Jeff can be found with his mates enjoying the festivities, throwing an ax or sharpening his weapons. 

Jeff’s dedication to this alternative lifestyle does not end when he leaves a festival. Jeff is also a talented artist and Master Hatter. He brings the arts of the Golden Age to the present for all to enjoy, giving them the means to have the most period correct head ware, weapons and accessories. 

He is the owner of Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats and Captain Jack's Trading Co. His craft well respected and his work highly sought after. He has been called the “Ralph Lauren of Pirate Haberdashery.” 

In 2009 Jeff finished his first Screenplay “The Buccaneer”, which he has been marketing like a true pirate. He has been nurturing the project and building a grass roots fan base through social media. 

Most recently Jeff served as Evermore Adventure Park's Pirate Captain, Props Director, and as Attraction Designer during the design and development of the park concept.

It is through entertainment and education that Jeff captivates those who have a heart for freedom, and through his trade that he gives them the tools needed to transform themselves into pirates of yesterday, allowing them to live of A Pirate’s Life. 

Rebecca MacKay

One of the most alluring pirates to cross your path at a Pirate Festival is Rebecca MacKay. She will entice you with her stunning green eyes and sultry smile.

Rebecca is a well known in the pirate community: from pirate reenactment and living history to charities and book readings, to being an entrepreneur & entertainer. She can be found leaving her mark on every facet of the pirate subculture. Rebecca was nominated to the Order of The Leviathan in both 2012 and 2014, and Inducted in 2014.

Rebecca travels to exotic locations around the world and educates Pirate Enthusiasts and Lubbers alike on the life of piracy, and to entertain them. She participates in sword fights, ax throwing, black powder shows and cannon battles.

A splash of salt water and this pirate loses her sea legs for a mermaids tail. Adorned with shells and a stunning tail Rebecca can be found swimming & splashing in the Quarries in Ohio and traveling to exotic locations. More information can be learned about this Mermaid on the Mermaid Page.

When not attending festivals as a pirate or swimming as a mermaid, Rebecca can be found designing and costuming for an assortment of events an productions. Most recently Rebecca served as the Director of Wardrobe, Interior Design, and Attraction Design for Evermore Adventure Park. She currently has her own line of Nautical Inspired Clothing called Nauti Mermaid Apparel.

She can also be found aboard ship assisting her captain, Jeff MacKay, with their many piratical businesses.

Wilde MacKay

Wilde James MacKay also known as "Wilde the Red Beardless", was born a pirate. He is the roughest, toughest eight year old pirate to sail the seven seas. Wilde picked up his first sword when he was only 4 months old and has been fighting with one ever since. 

Wilde's fiery red hair, freckles and electric personality keeps the crowds roaring with laughter as he takes pirate festivals around the world by storm. He can be found threatening much bigger, scarier, and smellier pirates. He stands strong against the most notorious pirates killing them with his wit & charm. 

His fun loving, good nature gives him quarter on most ships and you can find Wilde bouncing from one Scurvy Dog to another Rogue at any festival. The pirate community is proud to have raised up such a fine & wild scalawag. 

Wild's days are filled with fun and adventure: sword fighting, treasure hunting, playing & laughing with the care free delight of being a little pirate truly living A Pirate’s Life.

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Pirate of the Year

Captain Jeff MacKay was awarded Mutiny Magazine's Pirate of the Year, March 5th, at the Order of Leviathan Induction Ceremony held in St. Augustine, Florida. 

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